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Tecumseh carburetor hookup

Reassembling the choke shaft assembly. I know it sounds like a no brainer but if that rod is bent it may cause the motor to race or run rough.

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Use the Master Parts Manual to avoid problems during the correct application. Am I not seeing it, or is the throttle spring missing?

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Plan on taking some time to do it, maybe an hour or two total, not too much longer thou. Your holp would be great.

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I bought a Craftsman snow blower, 5hp 22" cut for real cheap, it runs and it was in great condition. While installing the float, into the hinge slot present on the float place the float hinge pin and slowly press into place in the bowl.

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Unfortunately I couldn't tell you where it goes, nor whether that particular carburetor has one, but I think most of them do Make sure that RPM does not exceed above 2, as this may hookup the fuel from main jet to supply to the idle mixture that may lead to an unbalanced idle mixing settings.

All the welch plugs must be removed in order to expose the drilled passages to facilitate proper cleaning. Using a deep reach socket, press the new bulb as well as retainer into the position NOTE: The way it was set up, the throttle control didn't increase the RPM's.

Tecumseh Carburetor Diagram

Such a situation is termed as the lean drop off hookup. To allow the engine to get started allowing the carburetor to be fine tuned, turn the idle mixture adjusting screw into clockwise direction finger tight, closed to the position, and then turn the screw into counterclockwise direction following chart above.

I'm not sure that top rod is the correct one Good luck, Phil.

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Reinstalling the air cleaning assembly. Repeat the same in reverse direction and now turn the adjusting screw out in counterclockwise direction until the engine reaches a point from where it begins to run in an erratic manner.

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By carefully placing the detent portion in a direction opposite of the hinge pin the float bowl can be installed. I DO have the tecumseh technician's handbook why carbon dating is important manual " Sharpen to wedge point a small chisel in order to remove the welch plug. In case if there is no designation mentioned, then the general sequence of installation is the gasket, diaphragm and cover in the end.

Be cautious and keep your body parts, hands, hair, clothes, and accessories at a distance from all the moving parts.