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His last email said not to worry he and his men had found Really how many are there anyway. Had a man named Gary Atkins call me to tell me he was okay but hurt.

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Yes I was suckered in also by a Engineer on a Rig till my cousin told me this, and the guy admitted to me the Truth. He used the name of a man in Obama's Administration.

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I told him I was and very committed. I am not one of their victims as I played their game until I got disgusted with it and decided to oil rig dating sites. I told him I heard he was writing similar emails and he said I was wrong.

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Say the same thing they are saying, play with their emotions, even asking THEM for money? Creature Hater Right now the FBI is on overload with the scammers, they come in many forms and shapes. They keep a record of all of us, I am sure of it from things that was said and done during my year and a half with mine. Benefits of dating a bigger guy consider myself an intelligent woman but " Regy Turner" really had me going until I stumbled onto this site.

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When I did a reverse lookup they are all landlines so I think it's Roger. The abdominal pain she felt while on the run turned out to be a symptom of acute cholecystitis, which led to the removal of her gallbladder and a near-fatal case of sepsis.

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All of them are not where we could drive a few miles and meet them. As I predicted he got mad and said I was playing tricks on him.

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Oct 29, Rating Roger gulf of mexico by: Andy Rossi Scammer on oil rig by: Thanks for sharing a extreme experience from your practical life. Time to step down! Who is online Users browsing this forum: Had the guts to say it, not his money but mine. I hope these facts will help others.

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Too late to help me - but if it can help somebody else Soon after she started working for Sinclair, Audrey Elrod encountered signs that she might be part of a sprawling scam. The oil rig dating sites thing the Yahoo Boys behind the Duke McGregor character wanted was for Elrod to surrender, for she was still a valuable asset to their enterprise. Wow have my eyes been opened. If your child had nothing to eat, do you think you would do whatever it takes to feed them? The criminals who flipped Elrod from victim to accomplice, by contrast, have vanished. I worry that he is targetting me because of my job and he sees me as having a great lifestyle.

Please keep ALL communications from your jerk. I don't know how to smile anymore and haven't for months now. CRY Thanks to all of you. It has been almost four months since we started talking, again he has asked for money to help get the drill fixed.

So look out ladies!

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