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This photo is a little serious and overly-professional, but it's a really nice, crisp photo of your face. Please confirm that your review is based on your own experiences, is informative and to the point. Will match you with new prospects. Are you an amateur snowboarder or professional level?

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Going to the lake in the summer. What kind of music are you good at playing? Chad Chile China Christmas Is. Norfolk Island Northern Mariana Is. Negative Features Not really a dating site and can get confusing for members.

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I usually don't like pics of guys in sunglasses I want to see their facesbut the suit wins me over. I recently got out of a longterm relationship and want to start dating again, but am not looking for anything serious.

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It would be better to admit that online dating is intimidating than to say you have no faith you have a little faith-- you contacted us. Again, be more specific. Why are you good at fantasy football? People you know or have known Languages: Do you have a favorite Italian place in the North End? They want to feel unique. Do you play with friends? What is your favorite thing to order in a Chinese restaurant?

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I want to my life dating site to you about the music I like! A favorite cheap beer? What can you really tell from a profile? To be kinder to your friends? Seems to be the basic answer. This photo is ok, but it doesn't show off anything special.

Six things I could never live without the people in my life.

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This is good, but use this opportunity to expand.