Dating guys without cars Thoughts on dating a carless guy

Dating guys without cars

Mostly restaurants, bars, concerts and clubs in the downtown or central urban part of the city.

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This can be countered by having nice clothing, a nice watch, a nice apartment or going to a swanky joint. If you live a few blocks away from where you are going, your transportation is not really an issue.

Another time some friends of mine where doing a charity event at the Ferrari dealership in my town, girl I invited was so excited, showed up in a gorgeous dress and was happy to drive. We women are so empowered that we can actually take our pick: Since women are so empowered that they are sometimes more successful, they might say that being carless is not a handicap, because they have a car anyway.

Also a growing number of urban dwellers don't have cars so you won't seem like such a weirdo.

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Jeanette Ipapo-Tuason - inquirerdotnet. All of the men agree that there is a difference between you not wanting to date a guy without a car and you dating him depends on the brand or make of his car.

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Why would standing on the jeepney line in your 5-inch Blahniks set a tone for a potentially sweet, lasting love story? Nature made the female species to be attracted to the strongest in the pack.

Having a car is like the first order of business as soon as the first hair of puberty grows; dating guys without cars to the 30s is long enough to be able to make enough money for a form of transportation if they were hardworking and smart enough.

You have bigger things to worry about than your dating life.

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Be involved with cool events. If there's a fun, unique event going try to find a way to get involved marginally with it and dating guys without cars a girl. Yes, it sounds so judgmental and superficial but there are other factors to be considered before we can write off a possible candidate if he is carless.

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Remember what Marilyn Monroe said " So let her know that you are going places with your life. As soon as you join the Limitless Mindset Community It's free!

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It Can Be Done! Having no car is sign to women of a lack of economic proof.


Would I go for somebody I want to drive home, or do I want to be the one driven home? Remember Me Forgot your password? Have you shed enough pounds for the coming season? Could we judge Prince Charming on how bling-bling his diamond-studded carriage or how handsome his horse is? He is not his car.